In telephone conversation !!

Tetsu : hello.

Novi : hello. Can I speak with Tetsu?

Tetsu : This is Tetsu. Who said that?

Novi : The Novi. I just want to tell you that I can not go into the field with you next week. (kalimat Direct)

Tetsu : wait, tell me what’s wrong?

Novi : well, my sister was hospitalized for dengue fever. So I had to stay in Bogor for a week.

Tetsu : oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you get well soon. Hey, I know. I can change my ticket to Bogor, we can go together, right?

Novi : yeah, Tetsu was a good idea. I almost forgot, yesterday I met Dila. Her said that, “her had seen you at the mall the day before” (kalimat Indirect)
is it true that you go to the mall yesterday Novi?

Novi : yes very true, but I do not see Dila!

Tetsu : dila see you from a long distance, he called you but you did not hear it.

Novi : it is the condition when it is very noisy.

Tetsu : ok, never mind. See you nov

Novi : see you.