contoh kalimat adjective

  1. He is a small boy
  2.  I bought a little sugar
  3. The cat licked the plate clean.
  4. The cat licked the plate clean.
  5. Her hair is red
  6. She has red hair
  7. This is a true story
  8. The story is true
  9. This is a new car
  10. The car is new

contoh kalimat verb

  1. Henry comes from London.
  2. My brother studies in America.
  3. Ms. Anne reads a novel.
  4. Ms. Anne reads a novel.
  5. You need go to the Doctor.
  6. You need to go to the Doctor.
  7. The actress is beautiful.
  8. Alex looks serious.
  9. The cakes smell delicious
  10. My mother is sleeping.

contoh kalimat countable

  1.  We could see a ship in the distance.
  2.  I have to brothers, John and Mark.
  3.  I’ve got a problem with the car.
  4.  Do you like these photos?
  5.  I’m going out for five minutes.

contoh kalimat uncountable

  1.  Can I have some water?
  2.  Shall we sit on the grass?
  3. The money is much better in my new job.
  4.  I love music.
  5. Would you like some coffee?