Date:      January 16,2013

To:         Mr. Jones

From:     Lisa Smith

Subject:  Report on research project

This is the required report of where I’m at in my research project about what restaurants my classmates prefer. I’m about where I expected myself to be at this time and should be finished well before the deadline.

First I put together the survey I would distribute. I chose a set of restaurants to include in the survey; most of them were local restaurants, though I chose some that can only be found in a bigger city.

Next I decided how I would choose my sample. I put all middle school students’ names in a bowl and drew randomly from them.

I then distributed my survey to the students whose names I had drawn and asked them to rank their three favorite restaurants from among those listed.

After collecting the completed surveys, I compiled the results.

I am going to study those results next and compare them to the predictions I made before doing the study. Then I will write my conclusion and proofread my work so it will be ready to turn in