11 November 2012


Ilham Nurchahyo, Executive Director

shining Light

Jl. New Town No 99



Dear Mr Abi,


When we attend a convention center in Senayan Jakarta two weeks ago, we visited your booth and we are very interested in your product type AOP531H the Acer laptop. We are very interested in the specifications for the laptop. At the time of demonstrations like processor speed performance and we were quite satisfied with the performance given. Reliable quality for the long term. We believe that the consumer market is ready to accept the presence of this laptop especially in the student.


Our store has many branches already a well recognized name in the ranks of computer stores. We wanted to order about 100 units laptop for sale in our store. Our store address is located on Jl. No. New town. 99, tel. 02,122,109,861.


We are very happy if your company can work with us. So we made this reservation letter.